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I have a super-human ability to remember the lyrics of Céline Dion songs
Resides in Toronto, Canada

I am a Toronto-based actor, comedian, self-proclaimed WASPy Jew, and Céline Dion aficionado. Also, I play Ralphie on And I have a website:  Please validate me by following me on Twitter: @TheRobertKeller.  And as the Jewish Vulcans say, "Live long and prosper. (And maybe call once in a while--would it kill you?)"  

What I'm Reading"Guts" by Kristen Johnston
What I'm WatchingMad Men, Submissions Only (the web series), The Larry Saunders Show

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 on Mon, January 28, 2013

You had me at your logo, but THIS SHOW IS GREAT! Also, where else could we learn Canadian gay slang???