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Rachel and Ari are back and have actually enjoyed something for once in their bizarre, queer lives. Sing along to the one review that asks the question: what was that villain guy's name again? No really. We just call him Ray Romano the entire time. Incidentally, apologies to Ray Romano. ...continue »
Finales are hard. Especially when you have no plot- but that found family is OH so good, so we'll let it slide. ...continue »
I'm only going to use Animorph morphs as reaction images. Also, there's some transphobic language quoted in here. Proceed with caution! ...continue »
Yes, someone told me that "extraVOREganza" was the better title, but it's too goddamn late now. ...continue »
This week, Rachel and Ari say "nevermind all that" in a notably shorter episode. ...continue »