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Salutations! If you are on this page I figured you want to get to know me a bit better so here are some basics:

Is that your name? How do I say that? - No it’s not my name name but I like it better. Oddree is pronounced like Audrey, just not spelled like it.

It’s the internet so how old are you really and what do you in real time? - I’m in my twenties and IRL I'm a lawyer.

Demographic information for official government purposes? - She/her/hers - Bisexual - Hispanic

What is with the rabbit with horns I see on your other social media? - That is a jackalope. It is a whiskey drinking, cupcake eating animal of North American origin and I love them so. Hence it has become my logo of sorts.

Any distinctive markings I should know about so if I see you in the wild I can recognise you? - I have eight piercings and two tattoos thus far. First tattoo is on my ankle and it’s the word “She” after the Green Day song, and the second is Max from Where the Wild Things Are, on a boat with some Bob Dylan lyrics surrounding it. Oh! I also have webbed toes.

Other social media outlet? - I'm @oddree13 everywhere!

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