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Hey, I'm Niala! I'm black, bisexual, super liberal, a Unitarian Universalist (I'll wait while you Google that), and a long time fangirl. I love fan conventions, Marvel, Star Trek, fan fiction, Tumblr, Harry Potter, most of the shows that Fox cancels and books. I work in a public library and I am a grad student pursuing a masters of divinity in interfaith chaplaincy (aka someone who does religion for a living). I hope you think I'm funny.

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The play The Cursed Child, the canon 8th Harry Potter story, just cast Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Hermione is a black woman. Everyone takes it in stride, no one says anything racist and all is well (in an alternate universe). ...continue »
The first Civil War trailer dropped the other day and everyone has been talking about how clearly Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have very different ideas of what friendship is. Yes, Tony is that one friend you have that you don't feel the same way about. Maybe because y'all have very different ideas of what friendship is. Just like Steve and Tony. ...continue »
Agent Carter comes back for season 2 in January and here's the first preview! ...continue »
Minority Report, Fox's ratings-challenged sci-fi show based on the 2002 movie and the original story by Phillip K. Dick, is smart, cool and fresh. Let me convince you to watch it before Fox cancels it. ...continue »
CBS Television Studios made an official announcement today that a brand new Star Trek series is coming to TV (sort of) in 2017! Cue tears of apprehension, excitement and fear. ...continue »