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In this week's episode, we turn things back over to Gregory Wright (@G_J_W) for part two of his interview with Vincent Rodriguez III (@VRodriguezIII) who plays Josh Chan on the CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. We get to learn more about Vincent, how he and his husband Gregory bonded over magic, and what goes into each musical performance on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  ...continue »
In Part 2 of this week's episode of the Geeks OUT Podcast, Kevin (@Gilligan_McJew) talks to Sina Grace, the writer of Marvel's new solo series following their highest profile queer character Iceman. Kevin and Sina discuss Iceman #1 and what's to come for Bobby Drake in this fresh take on one of the original X-Men.  ...continue »
In this week's episode of the Geeks OUT Podcast, Kevin (@Gilligan_McJew) and @GrahamNolan discuss our Strong Female Character of the Week Wonder Woman and her $200mil worldwide opening, dig up some scoop on Stranger Things season 2, and talk about Iceman #1 and tease our interview (immediately following this episode) with Sina Grace in This Week in Queer. ...continue »
In this week's episode of the Geeks OUT Podcast, Kevin (@Gilligan_McJew) is joined by special guest Amber Garza (@AmberHardFemme) as they discuss the male snowflakes angered by Alamo Drafthouse's female only screenings of Wonder Woman, the new Runaways series from Marvel, and mourn the end of Netflix's Sense8 in This Week in Queer. ...continue »
For the first time ever, Geeks OUT will be at Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC as they celebrate their 35th anniversary. We'll have posters, our Strong Female Character tote bag, our Power Anthology, and we'll be debuting a new shirt as well as having some of everyone's favorites. We'll be at booth #421 and we hope to see you there! ...continue »
Charlotte Convention Center
501 S. College St.
Booth #421
Charlotte, NC 28202  
June 16, 2017
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM