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The ability to engage a hyperactive four year old in absorbing coversations about superheroes.
Resides in Brooklyn, NY, USA

I'm a 29 year old preschool teacher and writer who is a geek for many things, especially all things horror.  You can check out my Facebook group Monster Nation for all sorts of scary goodness.

What I'm ReadingThe Before Watchmen books, Buffy Season 9, Swamp Thing, Mars Attacks! 2012.
What I'm PlayingIt's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown UNO with my preschoolers.
What I'm WatchingBesides introducing my boyfriend to the Alien series in honor of Prometheus, The L Word (again, love those sexy lesbians)and Queer As Folk Season 4, and a stack of horror DVDs my friend Roman bequeathed to me.

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Monster Nation: Maggie

Arnie plays dad to the dead in this understated take on the zombie genre

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The Trouble with Gotham

A post mortem on Fox’s freshman Bat drama

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The Citizen Kane of Bad Movies

Rifftrax trio and MST3K alum take on Tommy Wiseau’s cult oddity The Room

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TFF2015: The Survivalist

A mesmerizingly bleak post-apocalyptic drama—with copious male nudity

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TFF2015: Thought Crimes

American Psycho IRL? Or just a really weird dude?

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TFF2015: Be Yourself

A Ren Faire, a gay Mormon, and a seven year old rap portraitist are all featured in these short documentary films

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TFF2015: Emelie

Don’t tell Mom the babysitter’s nuts

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TFF2015: Maggie

Arnie plays dad of the dead in this understated take on the zombie genre

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TFF2015: Very Semi-Serious

Dream of getting your cartoon in The New Yorker? Take note

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TFF2015: The Wolfpack

What if “movies are my life” was literally true? The answer is in this extremely compelling doc

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