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Join Geeks OUT and Haunted Manhattan for a walking tour of NYC's spookiest haunts! In celebration of the new Ghostbusters film, we're busting out our proton packs and P.K.E. readers and hitting the streets! Join us as we explore the creepiest corners of the East Village and learn all about NYC's haunted past! We'll begin and end at a local bar, so those with sensitive nerves can down some liquid courage. The tour, lead by Haunted Manhattan, will take us all over. Find out more about the tour and get your tickets here:...continue »
The East Village
New York City, NY 10009  
July 23, 2016
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM
SERIOUS SPOILER WARNING for anybody reading All-New X-Men. Consider yourself warned! ...continue »
This is big, geeks! We need your help to fuel our biggest event yet: FLAME CON! ...continue »
Mike Diamond tries his best to keep up with the geeks (and does pretty well!) at 'McKellen Me Softly,' Geeks OUT's 2014 tribute show honoring the one-and-only Sir Ian McKellen!...continue »
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