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*SPOILER* Bendis Drops Giant Size Gay Bomb on All-New X-Men *SPOILER*

SERIOUS SPOILER WARNING for anybody reading All-New X-Men. Consider yourself warned!

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 on Wed, April 22, 2015

I'm with you, what's with all that needless angst and complication? The Iceman dialogue you post could have been written back in the 1970's. Then there's the cliche about having the enlightened girlfriend explain it all to him. What the comic writers don't grasp is that this is Iceman's journey, and he needs to find his own way. And to be a hero, which is what he is supposed to be, he needs to slay the dragon of his own fear. As written, it's a botched scenario.

 on Wed, April 22, 2015

The thing with time travel in the Marvel Universe (especially when it pertains to the X-men) is that the general consensus is that it's more of an alternate reality timeline thing. While this is somewhat uncertain as to this group of X-men (as was shown when young Cyclops almost died and adult Cyclops kinda disappeared, it was strange), it's still more likely than not that this is an alternate reality Iceman than not. This wouldn't be the first time a major X-man has had an alternate reality homosexual counterpart, either- Wolverine from  Earth-TRN208 had what was actually a really cute relationship with that reality's Hercules.

In closing, I'd like to mention that what Jean does here is so far from okay that it's laughable. Out of all the psychic X-men, Jean is one of the most sanctimonius when it comes to not reading other peoples' minds without their permission (she does it anyways, mind you...), so not only is this an actual serious invasion of Iceman's privacy in a very real sense, it would have been way, way nicer if she'd been a lot less aggressive about it.



Flame Con! It's ON!

This is big, geeks! We need your help to fuel our biggest event yet: FLAME CON!

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Artists are McKillin' it for McKellen Me Softly!

Gandalf's got it goin' on! Check out the amazing artwork on display next week at McKellen Me Softly!

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There's still time to get creative for a great cause!

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Comics readers may quickly recognize the art of Yuko Shimizu from the striking covers of the Vertigo series Unwritten, but her portfolio is vast.

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Thoughts From Iceland: Q&A With Lonnie Mann!

Lonnie Mann's contemplative travel comic "Thoughts From Iceland" debuted on Comixology this week and we talked to him about his time exploring the stark land of shark-eating vikings (who all seem very nice).

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Calling Artists For McKellen Me Softly

Submissions are OPEN for McKellen Me Softly. Have you started your masterpiece?!

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