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Geeks OUT founder & modHero creator, I live in Astoria with a lovely husband and an ungainly comic book collection. @roganjoshnyc

What I'm ReadingX-Men! Game of Thrones! Locke & Key! FF! Hawkguy! Young Avengers!
What I'm PlayingI'm watching my husband play FFXIV and Guild Wars 2
What I'm WatchingSupernatural, Avatar, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Parks & Rec, Jem, Orange is the New Black, Hemlock Grove

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Comics readers may quickly recognize the art of Yuko Shimizu from the striking covers of the Vertigo series Unwritten, but her portfolio is vast.

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Thoughts From Iceland: Q&A With Lonnie Mann!

Lonnie Mann's contemplative travel comic "Thoughts From Iceland" debuted on Comixology this week and we talked to him about his time exploring the stark land of shark-eating vikings (who all seem very nice).

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Calling Artists For McKellen Me Softly

Submissions are OPEN for McKellen Me Softly. Have you started your masterpiece?!

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Fresh Faces on the Geeks OUT Web Store

Check out our new models!

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Artist Q&A With Scott Sosebee

I spoke with artist Scott Sosebee about creating the first issue of his new dark, quirky comic "Annabelle Flake Gets Rich."

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Geeks OUT is seeking entries for "McKellen Me Softly," a one-night-only tribute show in honor of Sir Ian McKellen!

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Gail Simone on Ender's Game

In a quick response to an anonymous Tumblr question, Gail Simone minces no words regarding the work of Orson Scott Card.

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Brian Michael Bendis to Skip Ender's Game

Marvel's top writer weighs in on Ender's Game in a brief but poignant Tumblr post.

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 on Thu, October 10, 2013

You are a lovely guy, Brian!