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It's the best role nobody wants! Marvel's master of mysticism can't get cast, but what if he didn't have to be white? ...continue »
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In the latest teaser trailers for Benedict Cumberbatch's Alan Turing biopic, the homosexuality of the celebrated Enigma codebreaker is almost completely shrouded in coded language. Thanks, Hollywood! ...continue »
This Sunday, July 6, sees the first-ever LGBTIQA panel at the city-hopping Oz Comic Con, Queer Geeks of OZ. Organizer Sonja Hammer talks to Geeks OUT about gay gaming, cephalopods, and the growing worldwide community of queer geeks (even Russia!). ...continue »
Whether you're a Twink, Bear, or FabMan, see out Pride Month with a look at Joe Glass's self-published, all-LGBTQ superhero comic, The Pride. Muscle Marys to the front! ...continue »