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Anti-heroes are the new heroes. There is a fantastic complexity to characters who have a constant internal battle between what they consider “good’ and “evil”. It shatters the perception that a hero is someone who is never tempted by the dark side. ...continue »
Let's be honest, getting a good representation of diversity in comic book films have always been a losing struggle. Part of the problem comes in the purist adaptations of iconic comic book characters because the majority of them were created in a time where there was no non-white representation in comic books. ...continue »
Two of our members discuss Star Trek Beyond ...continue »
Sitting through Ghostbusters, I am reminded how powerful and inspiring fandom can be. These four empowering females, each with their own skill sets and personalities battle against ghosts, gender discrimination, and the patriarchy. ...continue »
J.G. Ballard's novel set a high bar for High-Rise to try and reach. With an enthusiastic director, a magnificent cast, and bounteous source material, they tried for the sky. ...continue »