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Anthony Rapp, star of stage and screen, continues to have a longstanding relationship with the LGBTQ+ community. He rose to popularity over 20 years ago when he starred as Mark Cohen in Rent and has continued to make contributions to theater, television, and film. ...continue »
Geeks OUT talks with Chicago-native director Matt Kugelman about this passion project of his on the Reeling's opening night red carpet event and "shoots the shit" with drag icon Bianca Del Rio herself. ...continue »
In this ever-changing world, there is one thing I know to be certain and it’s that animation is not just for children. Some of the most entertaining and emotionally fulfilling films just so happen to be animated. ...continue »
As Disney continues on its remake rampage, it seems to have finally hit its stride following the second successful live action conversion of one of its classics. With the wildly successful The Jungle Book earlier this year, Disney shows us just how promising its remakes can be... ...continue »
Anti-heroes are the new heroes. There is a fantastic complexity to characters who have a constant internal battle between what they consider “good’ and “evil”. It shatters the perception that a hero is someone who is never tempted by the dark side. ...continue »