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I'm the President of this here group and I'm very proud of it!  Please leave us feedback on what we could improve upon and the like!

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ANT-MAN / Behind The Candelabra

A better Ant-Man? A Worse Ant-Man?

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This is Funny and Depressing. Funpressing?

A female superhero pitches her own movie, and it doesn't go well.

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Help Geeks OUT at Boston Comic Con!

Geeks OUT is coming to Boston Comic Con! We need your help to make our booth amazing!

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Tropes vs Women is back!

This one is all about the Ladiez...who are background animation and treated like objects.

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Gay Nerds Episode 204 - The Fellowship of Sarah Michelle Gellar

They're back! And they are hilarious!

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So You're Going to GaymerX...Help make a video!

If you're going to GaymerX2, we want to meet you! We're traveling across the country, creating audio/visual portraits of gamers. We'll be passing through your neck of the woods this summer, so drop us a line so we can say hi! Facebook: Twitter: Email:

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