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I'm the President of this here group and I'm very proud of it!  Please leave us feedback on what we could improve upon and the like!

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Cool Video Shows How Steven Universe Expands The Idea of Family

PBS has made an awesome video showcasing the queerness of Steven Universe.

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Bend it like Bendis. Geeks OUT's Bisexual Round Table.

We sat down with some of our bisexual bloggers to chat about man behind the Ice Man.

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 on Tue, April 28, 2015

"Bend It Like Bendis" is the best title ever! lol Like, I want that on a shirt. ;)

Social Justice Warrior, an Amazing Parody.

Social Justice Warrior would make a pretty good game.

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There's a Gay Porn Model Does Let's Play Videos.

"I don't ever want to be boring"

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The Woman Who Saved the U.S. Space Race (And Other Unsung Scientists)

One saved the U.S. space program, another invented a better treatment for leprosy, and a third spawned an industry in the American Midwest. Mary Sherman Morgan, Alice Ball and Rachel Lloyd all had amazing accomplishments in chemistry, but their work was nearly lost to history.

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ANT-MAN / Behind The Candelabra

A better Ant-Man? A Worse Ant-Man?

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This is Funny and Depressing. Funpressing?

A female superhero pitches her own movie, and it doesn't go well.

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Help Geeks OUT at Boston Comic Con!

Geeks OUT is coming to Boston Comic Con! We need your help to make our booth amazing!

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