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I'm the President of this here group and I'm very proud of it!  Please leave us feedback on what we could improve upon and the like!

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Queer Music Whateverday

3 music videos with gay comic-booky/sciencey themes in one week. You lucky luckies.

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Jean Grey's End Game For Iceman/Icemen?

Look, she's got a game plan, and we should appreciate that.

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2nd Annual Autostraddle Comic and Sequential Art Awards

Vote for your favorite comics!

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Tropes Vs. Women: Women as Reward

She's back with another great takedown of sexism in games.

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Flame Con Photos From Fwee!

Check out these awesome step and repeat photos from Flame Con!

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Super Mario World + Cruising = Awesome Video

A terrible movie does not deserve this awesome soundtrack. But if Rockstar can make warriors, maybe we can have a Cruising game.

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 on Tue, July 28, 2015

I cannot believe I watched the whole thing. 

Bear proposal at SDCC. At the Con Man Panel.

In front of Felicia Day And Alan Tudyk. It's cute.

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Gone Home - Lesbian Games Vs Paul Blart

It's funny, just watch it.

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Win $500 from Cocky Boys!

Make 2 page comic, get cool porn, and a chance to win $500 and make full length comic!

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