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This week Anthony and Jason couldn't wait a whole two weeks to talk about developments on Agents of Shield with the introduction of the MCU's first canon LGBT superhero, Joey Gutierrez. We also go over the return of Heroes and Gotham....continue »
This week we have a special guest, Kevin! We also dish about Amadeus Cho as the new Totally Awesome Hulk, AMC's new android show Humans, and Anthony and Kevin's fabulous weekend at DragonCon! ...continue »
Anthony and Jason catch up over Ant-Man, the new Jem & the Holograms comic series, gush about the latest developments in our favorite animated tv show, Stephen Universe, and groan at the missed opportunity that is Disney's Descendants. But that's not all!...continue »
Jason and Anthony are back at in again! After several years of teaming up on the queer comic podcast, Scarlet Betch, we're starting a brand new podcast on everything queer and nerdy....continue »