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X-Men Tribute to the Art of Richard Perez

Chicago artist adds the X-gene in his art homage. Check out cool versions of all the fellas of the X-Men from various eras.

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DC Comics Won't Let Jennifer Aniston Get Married

After a long hiatus (for late summer vacation, a stint in rehab, real scrapbooking time) comedian Graham Nolan and other person whose humor has serious merit Jono Jarrett return to drop comic gay comic knowledge on DAT ASS.

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My Fave Thrones Games Character Is Dannonyogurt Taragon

In this episode of GeeksOUT LOUD, find out what happens when gay nerds STOP being polite, and start getting real. It's the Real World: Asgard. Or some such madness. Either way, the episode where co-host Jon Jarrett calls fellow co-host Graham Nolan (@grahamnolan) a "cold c***" in the first five minutes is the GeeksOUT LOUD equivalent of Secret Wars!!!!!

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Geeks OUT Loud - Ep. 5: Wanna See My Invisible Woman Tattoo?

You know how on "Friends" the episode titles all started with "The One Where..."? Like "The One With the Fake Monica" or "The One Where Ross Has Becomes a Humorless Parody of Himself?" Well, this one could be called "The One Where Graham Reveals His Drag Queen Name is Vajayjay Abrams" or "The One Where Jono Sweats The Whole Time But You Can't Hear It."

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GeeksOUT Loud Ep. 4: The Horrible Sing-A-Long WITHOUT NPH

The hills are alive... with the sound of negative STEREOTYPES?! That's right. This is episode four of the Geeks OUT LOUD podcast wherein our hosts get more evil than every in their monthly musings on the worlds where queer culture and comic books intersect.

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GeeksOut Loud ep 3: The Gina Davis Space Adventure?!

So, you love gay podcasts but they don't have enough space raccoons, OR you love comic book podcasts but they don't often enough use the term "licking out?" Gosh and golly, have we got the podcast for you!

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Geeks OUT LOUD Ep. 2: Of Hook Books and New Looks

In the second dramatic installment of the premiere nerd podcast for the GLBT community, hosts Jono "Jono" Jarrett and Graham "Graham" Nolan (@grahamnolan) discuss a bevy of topics you'll love, whether you're into bi or scifi.

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Skyfall Stands Tall... and Proud?

Hint: The Adele Song Wasn't Even the Gayest Part

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Captain Canine
 on Wed, November 28, 2012

Great write-up! I'm actually interested in seeing Skyfall now. And I was previously burnt out on James Bond movies.

 on Thu, November 29, 2012

Javier Bardem really brings back & makes his own the grand Bond tradition of the over-the-top villain. It's still Bond, but it's also treating its women WAY better even than the Pierce Brosnan Bonds did. 

 on Tue, December 4, 2012

Cobras have hoods. Great review!

GEEK LIKE ME: 5 THINGS this week where I was like WHOA

Oh Mohawks, Magik, Musclebears and Motorcycle Gangs!

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