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This review is a reminder why this isn't the first DC Comics promised a brand new day with diversity only to pull some of the most bigoted stunts in comics history. ...continue »
Last month it was announced that Milestone Media is being revived as Milestone Media 2.0 by three of its co-founders, Reginald Hudlin, Denys Cowan, and Derek Dingle. The announcement comes almost exactly four years after the death of the fourth co-founder, comics and cartoon legend, Dwayne McDuffie. ...continue »
Internal conflicts. The best stories explore characters contending with them. Often these internal conflicts and related struggles can be a reflection upon the audience. This is something I realized while recently rewatching Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight....continue »
Pro-tip: When a story set in ancient Rome is far more progressive than 98 percent of the stories set in the 21st century New World, something is seriously broken in regards to our narratives. ...continue »