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Joystick #5 - Boycotting Boycotts?

Who can keep up with all the queer community's boycotts? DR Hanson and Daniel Villarreal teach you how and offer a smart alternative!

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 on Wed, January 15, 2014

Hello, Nice review of what makes a successful boycott. I see you are familiar with the BUYcott because you use its name. There is a long history of the BUYcott going back to before the 1990s. The idea is what you describe, supporting companies and government entities whose policies you agree with ethically. However, why change the name to buycan? That will just confuse the public. BUYcott is intuitive. People can realize from its title that it's the opposite of a boycott. Buycan, however, is not self-descriptive. The BUYcott app you mention is not really an authentic buycott because a major thrust is a list of companies to boycott. Perhaps that's where the confusion comes from. Google "BUYcott" to see how it's been done.

 on Tue, January 21, 2014

Thanks ff3fbb4c for your comments and questions! I googled "buycott" and did find some information about the non-app "buycott" and you are right, our BOYcan is the same concept as buycott. When we did our initial research we found more info on the "buycott" app then we did on the "buycott" movement. Plus, calling it Boy Can gave us an excuse to make the silly twerking video. A very tiny excuse but we ran with it!We hope you'll run with us as we continue this Joystick journey!

Joystick #4: Shutting Down The Trolls

Trolls may not be the only thing lurking online. Joystick discusses the many pitfalls of online commenting and ways to successfully swing over hateful cyber speech.

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Joystick #3 - Skip Ender's Game

Today we Skip Ender's Game! Still on the fence? Let Joystick help you make that leap of solidarity with your other LGBT and Straight Allied Friends.

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Joystick: Just Say No to Titty-Punching

From the Pope to Punching Breasts, nothing is off limits for Joystick! Check out our latest episode! Comment! Subscribe! En-Joy!

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Who is the Furrest of them All?

Zeus Comics & Collectibles & Geeks OUT team up with The Eagle Dallas to celebrate furry queers, comic artists Phil Jimenez & Stephen Sadowski, and GEEKIEST weekend to ever hit Dallas at the 2013 Mixer "Furrest".

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Arrow Episode 13 Review - "Betrayal"

The one where Ollie refuses to go shirtless (Boo) and the one where all the red shirts die.

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