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Memory loss
Resides in Brooklyn, NY 11211
What I'm ReadingI have always been a DC Comics boy, but with the fall of the DCoU I have kinda dropped out of everything but Animal Man, And Swamp Thing. Love Buffy and X-Factor also.
What I'm PlayingAdmittedly, I am not a huge gamer but I love old school Nintendo and Wii games. I could still play Doctor Mario for hours.
What I'm WatchingHonestly, I can't wait for SMASH to come back on the air. Doctor Who always makes me cry a little cause I'm a sap. American Dad is one of my favorite animations... And don't even get me started on movies.

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The Art of Nearly Naked ARROW

In a dingy Brooklyn bar the geeks gathered with drinks in hand as three hot superheroes modeled for their drawing delight!

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Mostly Naked Men Give Up Their Bodies for Art!

On June 18th, Drink N' Draw and Geeks OUT touched their magic power rings together and held a night to remember. They had four gorgeous males in some spandex and a lot of body paint to pose for a night of drawing. Check out the photos!

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Neil's Puppet Dreams/ Just Dirty Enough

Welcome to the brain of one of the sickest puppeteers ever encountered - Neil Patrick Harris. In this episode, Neil's unique physiology causes a stir in the puppet medical community. Stay tuned for the next episode premiering on December 11th.

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NEIL PATRICK HARRIS in Neil's Puppet Dreams - Behind the Scenes - Premieres November 27th!

N.P.H., Puppets, Chris Hardwick, Drag Queens... What more does a youtube show need?

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 on Wed, November 21, 2012

I'm really bad at adding photos to posts... ah well.