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Daniel W. Kelly's second novel welcomes readers back to Comfort Cove, where burly men solve supernatural mysteries in between copious amounts of...well, you know. ...continue »
Spenser Anderson is an independent creator of Fairy Dust, the action comedy that follows the quirky adventures of a magical boy who has reluctantly been granted the power of LOVE. ...continue »
The Scarlet Witch gets her own solo series, which starts with an enchanting first issue. ...continue »
Monster Nation took to NYC Comic-Con. Here's a look at some of the stuff we found. To see more of our comic-con experience, please visit us on Youtube and be sure to subscribe. A very special thanks to Geeks Out for all their help this year too! ...continue »
With the multiverse destoryed and several earths left in demise only a new planet known as Battleworld remains. There, a whole slew of Marvels' finest lady heroes take the lead in this dazzling first issue. ...continue »