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Join us May 25th for the 2nd installment of Dungeons & Drag Kings, a new monthly cabaret and trivia night produced by Anja Keister (D20 Burlesque) and Lee Valone (BEEF Show, Grit!). This evening will be a mix of kink demos, drag, burlesque, and trivia themed around nerdy and sexy topics. Trivia winners will receive themed prizes and free drinks! Trivia hosted by Anja Keister with drag by Lee VaLone Drag J.J. Sparks and burlesque by Miss Suki E Qualms Galore plus stage cleanup by Trinity Starligiht...continue »
Talon Bar
220 Wyckoff Ave
New York, NY  
May 25, 2017
8:00 PM
Set your lasers to STUNNING as we blast off again for a second edition of D20 Burlesque IN SPACE! ...continue »