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Exodus: As in, "let's leave the black people behind!"

Ridley Scott crafts an Egyptian epic, refuses to admit Egypt is in Africa.

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Holy sexism, Batman!

Female fans are saying NO to "Batman's Wife" merch, because ew.

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Guardians of the Galaxy: A GeeksOUT Groupthink

The GeeksOUT crew reviews Guardians and tells you if it's worth your money.

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Doctor Who series 8 trailer lands!

New creatures, old friends, and more than just Peter Capaldi's eyebrows!

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Join the GeeksOUT blogging team!

Calling all fangrrls and fanbois!

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Strong Female Characters: Sara Benincasa's Great

Talking YA, chicks, and Doctor Who with comedian and author, Sara Benincasa. Because Strong Female Characters aren't just in fiction but behind it.

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Interview Alert: Joey Stern at C2E2

Comics site The Two Page Spread talks to our very own Joey Stern in this quick get-to-know-ya interview

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You Bet Your Bechdel: Sexism in Moffat's & Davies' Doctor Who

Turns out, the man who refused casting a female Doctor has a problem writing for women.

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