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Resides in Connecticut
What I'm ReadingWords of Radiance, Warbreaker, The Name of the Wind, Nine Princes in Amber, Imager, Dresden files, X-men, Horns, anything by Brandon Sanderson, Abel Boddy, The Coldfire Trilogy, The Wheel of Time, Dragonlance, Wool, Star Trek; The New Frontier
What I'm PlayingESO, Dragon Age, Destiny, Skyrim, Resident Evil 5 and 6, Lego Star Wars, Arkham Asylum, Portal 1 and 2, Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2, Giuld Wars 2, Borderlands 2, Thief
What I'm WatchingOrphan Black, Lost Girl, The 100, Agents of Shield, Voyager, Next Gen, BSG, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and the last Star Trek movie...again and again and again...

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Artist Spotlight: Ismael Álvarez

a look at the work of Spanish artist Ismael Álvarez

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Cosplay Corner with Blaine: Thranduil's Crown

Construct the elf king's crown in just six easy steps!

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Cosplay Corner with Blaine: TENTACLE MADNESS

Learn how to create some rockin' tentacles with Blaine.

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Cosplay Corner with Blaine: the Jet-Pack

Blaine shows you how to seal craft foam, paint it and create the illusion of fake metal all while whipping up a pretty rockin' jet-pack!

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Cosplay Corner with Blaine: Magneto's Helmet

Blaine gives you a DIY for Magneto's famous helmet.

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Cosplay Corner With Blaine: The Pair of Paper Pauldrons

Blaine shows you how to construct a pair of pauldrons from almost nothing.

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David Gaider, Dragon Age hero

Why you should pay attention to this man and this game.

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Elsa and the X-Men

A small parody to brighten your day.

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Buffy meets True Blood, but without all the vampires. Here are six reasons to give this show a chance, with pictures!

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