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 on Wed, February 25, 2015

So do all these comics have queer or trans characters?

in response to juleslwilkinson
 on Wed, February 25, 2015

Yup! Amazing X-Men has Northstar; Wolverines has both Daken and Mystique (and possibly her deceased OTP Destiny); Earth 2 has Green Lantern (Alan Scott) and, until last issue, Alan's formerly-dead OTP Sam AND Alan's son-from-the-prior-continuity Obsidian (to be fair, Obsidian's sexuality and parternity haven't been established yet); Gotham Academy has... honestly, I can't remember which character is queer, but I researched it a few months ago (At least I thought I did... if I'm wrong, let me know!); Orphan Black has Felix and Cosima and Delphine and Tony (in that order); Chew has John Colby and Mike Applebee; Wicked + Divine is a book that I'm not convinced has any straight characters; and Spider-Gwen... actually, may not have any queer characters. It's a book that basically un-fridges an egregious "woman in the refrigerator" moment while also attempting to make amends by equipping this new Gwen Stacey with a killer costume, the coolest civilian life (Gwen Stacey: Scientist Rockstar), and an unabashed code name ("Who is Spider-Gwen???" will never be a Daily Bugle headline). So for that reason I think that readers may want to pick up issue #1. I won't be covering the rest of the series unless the supporting cast gets a little queer, but ever since The Movement pulled a fast one on me and introduced two new queer characters and a canon romance with my favorite Gen 13 character, I've been more open minded about what books I call SuperQueer. Though I refuse to cover John Constantine and Madame Xanadu until we get some canon Kinsey bisexuality or they start identifying as bi.