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Whether it was the press of bodies in an overflowing room or the panel's detailed description of "Omega Verse" (Google it. Not at work. And you're welcome.), this panel was HOT. ...continue »
Australian pop duo Savage Garden once sang, "I knew I loved you before I met you" and we here at GeeksOut want to tell you about the webcomics that you love, even if you haven't started reading them yet. This installment's feature: Briar Hollow! ...continue »
You know that beautiful song 100,000 Fireflies? The one about about missing your friends and detesting the woods? Well this episode is basically the same thing. ...continue »
In case you missed last week's (I only managed to post it on Friday...), we're doing Teen Wolf recaps now! And we've got a LOT of revelations to get through this week! ...continue »
Sweet! Evidently no one at GeeksOut has a hankering for recapping Teen Wolf, so I get to give it a go! And boy howdy, is it a good episode to start off on!!!! ...continue »