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Riverdale continues to be a place of All-American goodness, embracing rights for all of its citizens. Unfortunately, this doesn't always spill out into the real world. Groups in the religious right are outraged as they see their view of the world crumbling. Read about their sad attempts to create fear and bigotry....continue »
The first gay character in the Archie Comics world, Kevin Keller, marries his partner in the latest issue. In the storyline, in Life With Archie #16, Kevin returns to Riverside as an adult after serving in the Army and eventually ties the knot with Clay Walker....continue »
This morning Bleeding Cool posted the news that the Teen Titans relaunch by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth will feature a new gay character, Bunker. On his blog, Brett quotes Scott, describing the character to him in the Teen Titans script; His real name is Miguel Jose Barragan....continue »