Help OUT

All this geeking out is great and all, but what's the bottom line?

Thanks to the generosity of the masses we're well on our way to reaching our goals, but we could always use more help.

Get generous! Get involved! You'll get a warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you've helped create a safe spot for gay geeks.

There are several different ways to support Geeks OUT:

FANS can donate directly though our website. You'll can choose from some great thank-you gifts for your donations. (See them listed in the right-hand column.)


HIGH ROLLERS are welcome to fund-match to any level they desire. Be our hero!

ARTISTS can donate hard-earned money as well, but we'd also love for them to donate items which can be sold at our booth or be raffled off at fundraiser events.
- signed copies of books
- signed prints
- original sketches and art
- collectible swag, toys, etc
- ashcans for gift-bag-stuffing
- any other ideas for creative fundraising?

- We're also interested in having a few artists donate custom art to brand limited edition Geeks OUT promotional material like postcards and t-shirts. Could this be YOU??

CORPORATIONS can sponsor us and receive special recognition on our website. They can be given visible advertising space at our booth, and can also have their logo included on our marketing materials.

COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS will be given visible space in the Geeks OUT area for their informational material to be picked up. Their members can also be included in panel discussions and forums where applicable.

PUBLISHERS contributing to us can have their books and promotional items displayed prominently at the table. Editors and creators of LGBT-themed books can be included on our panels and forums where applicable.

JOINERS are welcome to help us do.. anything! What's your super power?

Help OUT!

Thanks-in-advance for your support.

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