We're highlighting some of the great moments, characters, and people that have made the past year such a great one for queer geekdom. We'd like you to cast votes for your favorites.

Who makes a cuter couple? Hercules & Wolverine? Or Batwoman & Maggie Sawyer?

Are you still a little miffed that Alan Scott's lover, Sam, was killed a few pages after getting engaged?

Which Chris has the best pecs - Evans, Pine, or Hemsworth?

Welcome to the 2013 Geeks OUT Awards.

We're highlighting some of the great moments, characters, and people that have made the past year such a great one for queer geekdom and we're ready to hand out some awards. We've flamboyantly nicknamed them The Capies because what's more glamorous and geeky than a cape?

Who makes a cuter couple? Hercules & Wolverine? Or Batwoman & Maggie Sawyer?

Are you still a little miffed that Alan Scott's lover, Sam, was killed a few pages after getting engaged?

Which Chris has the best pecs - Evans, Pine, or Hemsworth?

Cutest Couple

Some are old, some are new, some take place in alternate universes. These couplings make your heart sing, and at times make you jealous that it isn't you. Either way, tell us which one of these couples speaks to you more than the others.
Hercules & James Howlett (Wolverine)
This alternate universe couple has a love that is as immortal as they are (sorta).
Batwoman & Maggie Sawyer
This power lesbian couple just got engaged, and we can't stop picking out matching pantsuits for their impending wedding.
Wiccan & Hulkling
We waited 7 years just to see them kiss and there are countless deviantART pages devoted to them.
Julie Power & Karolina Dean
These two are meant for each other, both of them literally have rainbows coming off of them.
Rictor & Shatterstar
These mutants found love in a hopeless place, working for Jamie Madrox and X-Factor Investigations.
Northstar & Kyle Jinadu
Northstar may not be the first gay superhero to marry, but he was the first to get legally married in NYC.
Kevin Keller & Clay
Kevin and Clay are living the married life while pissing off One Million Moms in the process and we couldn't be happier about it.
Cheeks & Brady
'Shippers have been 'shipping the hell out of these two ever since they graced the Interwebs.

Best Pecs

It's sad how Hollywood men are allowing themselves to become objectified by the size of their muscles. And by sad I mean it's really awesome. Keep hitting the bench press, boys! Let's take some time to reflect on some of the truly great torsos of the past year (or so).
Chris Hemsworth
Remember when Thor casually walked across the screen without a shirt - as if to say "Oh hey. I just got out of the shower and I have no idea what happened to my shirt." You could hear belt buckles hitting the theater floor.
Stephen Amell
Do you remember that scene in the pilot for Arrow when it shows Stephen Amell doing pull downs on a bar as he makes it climb a ladder? Cause I do. I remember it a lot.
Chris Evans
Captain America gave me free license to go up to strangers and do that little "is that muscle real?" touch that Hayley Atwell does in the movie. And if they protested, I just said it was from a movie. It worked.
CGI Hulk
It's not fair to compare CGI to the real thing, but I have to applaud the artists for leaving some of Mark Ruffalo's scruffy chest hair in place after his transformation into The Hulk. Viva la chest hair!
Henry Cavill
When the first photos of Man of Steel came out, everyone was all like "I don't like the changes to the suit" and I was all like "Let's just get rid of the suit. I think he's better without it."
Chris Pine
I know we were talking about pecs here, and trust me, Chris Pine's pecs are great in Star Trek: Into Darkness, but I ran across this screen shot and I couldn't resist. It's Chris Pine. On all fours.

Strong Female Character

We took a little time out for the men. Now let's acknowledge some of the kick-ass women over the past year.
Michonne from Walking Dead
Zombies. Katanas. Smoldering stares. ‘Nuff said.
Lana Winters from American Horror Story
It takes one tough cookie to not only take on Jessica Lange, but also to brave the Massachusetts’ healthcare system.
Felicia Day from Supernatural
Not only is she a babe that likes babes, she’s funny too. I’d let her hunt my demons any day.
Pam from Archer
“[a masked man punches Pam in the face] Who taught you how to punch? Your husband? [the man punches her again]“ Pam is amazing.
Pam from True Blood
How can you not give mad props to someone who bangs Eric Northman/Alexander Skarsgard on the reg and can keep Tyra under control on the side?
Lara Croft
If the only person in the world who could play you was Angelina Jolie, you’re probably not the kind of person people should mess with.
Jaina Proudmoore from World of Warcraft
Not only is the LGBT server in World of Warcraft named after her, she survived a nuclear gobline bomb being dropped on her city, and she only came away with a new hairdo.
Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

Super-Friends of Dorothy

These characters show a lot of courage in their support of GLBT heroes. All of them have touched your heart... now use your brain to decide who gets the ruby slippers of victory.
Blonde pop star. Hangs with Northstar. makes rainbow colors. Dressed like a disco ball. Almost seems unfair.
Kate Bishop
She's like that girlfriend we all have, who texts her gay buddies while she's not busy doing space hookups, and she hangs out with a hot, blonde train wreck of an older man. She's so real!!!
Besties with the newest, intentionally gayest gay hero of all because you value his friendship? Nothing more powerful than that.
Barbara Gordon
"You're trans? NBD. I'm a bat person. Let's get mimosas." *hugs*

Favorite Creator

Everyone has a favorite. Favorite team. Favorite character. Favorite alternate dimension version of Professor X. What about your favorite creator?
Peter David
David’s work spans from the galactic with Babylon 5 and Star Trek, to the aquatic with Aquaman, even to the green with his 12 year run on the Incredible Hulk. And of course, there's his run on X-Factor where he played yenta to Rictor and Shatterstar.
Gail Simone
This hairdresser turned comic book author and comedienne has worked tirelessly to reclaim the cape for women everywhere. Simone was let go of Batgirl this past year, but was re-instated after a large public outcry. She returned to give us the first transgendered character at DC Comics.
J. H. Williams III
This artist, more than anyone in recent memory, has revolutionized the way comics are drawn. From his work with Allen Moore’s Promethea to his more recent work on Batwoman, Williams has radically redefined the way comics tell a story.
Allan Heinberg
Heinberg rocked the comic book world a few years ago with the cutest couple of baby-gays ever, Hulking and Wiccan, in the pages of the New Avengers, which he was a writer for.
Kieron Gillen
Talk about nerds! This guys done it all! Video games journalism, Marvel writing, published with Image, worked with Warhammer. Gillen currently writes Young Avengers.
Dan Parent
I’ve always thought of myself as more of a Veronica, but thanks to Dan Parent writing Archie’s first gay character into the series, you might consider yourself more of a Kevin.

Favorite New Character Out of the Closet

2012 was a top-notch year for comic series featuring queer characters, whether in television cross-overs, spin-offs, or original series. But which one was your favorite?
Bunker (Teen Titans, Superboy)
Gay with purple, psychic super-strength and fan boy best friend of Tim and Kon-El? Oh, and he's an illegal immigrant? I think I'm in love!
Agent Twilight (Supurbia)
Hot, kick-ass, and strongly principled enough to stand up to a dashing, rich boyfriend, Gio is the superheroes' superhero.
Night Fox (Supurbia)
Spoiled, rich, and gorgeous, this son of wealthy intergalactic diplomats plays with expensive toys and people's hearts. Will he be able to make up his own?
Billy, The Vampire Slayer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
The first non-lesbian, gay Slayer, Billy's out to show that super strength is overrated and that even gay guys can slay like a girl!
Alysia Yeoh (Batgirl)
Transgendered activist and roommate of Barbara Gordon, Alysia blazes trails, supports our ineffable heroine, and sometimes almost gets murdered by Barbara's family. Barbara isn't the only hero in that house!
Mara (Mara)
Star of sport and screen, Mara blasts through all social norms when she blasts through the limits of the physical world. But how will that world react?

Out & On Screen

With each passing day, more and more performers are coming out as GLBT. And it isn’t just a coincidence that they gravitate towards geek culture. Which of the following Out and Proud performers is your favorite representative of what Geeks OUT is all about?
Zachary Quinto
Since coming out, he has starred in both Star Trek movies and two seasons of American Horror Story. Do you, like us, think that not liking Zachary is illogical?
Sarah Paulson
Sarah came out by kissing her girlfriend at the Tony’s. She starred in two seasons of American Horror Story and in the cult favorite Serenity. She survived Bloody Face, but will she make the cut with your vote?
Neil Patrick Harris
After NPH came out in 2006, his career has blown up. This actor/singer/dancer/magician holds a special place in our hearts (especially as Dr. Horrible), but is he your favorite?
Matt Bomer
Matt walked out of the closet in 2012 with a partner and 3 children. He recently gave voice to Superman and took it all off in Magic Mike. Will you vote for him or strip him of this honor?
Gillian Anderson
We fell in love with Dana Scully and her power suits 20 years ago, and we fell in love and respect for Gillian when she came out as bisexual this past year. The truth may be out there, but does she have the votes?

Favorite Gay Character-Centric Series or Mini

2012 was a top-notch year for comic series featuring queer characters, whether in television cross-overs, spin-offs, or original series. But which one was your favorite?
Willow: Wonderland
The solo series she's deserved since 1997! Willow Rosenberg (sorta) gets the girl and becomes a font of magic! Way cooler than that yellow crayon thing, IMO.
Jane Espenson and Cheeks' dimension-hopping vignettes starring the world's cutest newlyweds re-imagined into six classic comic genres! I 'ship it so hard!
Kevin Keller
Kevin Keller #1 was the first reprint of an Archie comic EVER. Already firmly ensconced in both the history books and the hearts of queers worldwide, will this record-setting series win?
Grace Randolph and Russell Dauterman's tightly written and beautifully drawn series about the spouses of superheroes. Includes the hunky Night Fox (Batman/Catman meets self-loathing on the DL) and dreamy Agent Twilight (Nightwing in a cape).
What happens when you surpass your peers and become a new kind of person? Queer of color Mara is about to find out, and humanity may not be offering the most noble response!

Two Steps Back Award

There has been a lot of controversy this year, but which one takes the cake as being the biggest "Step Backwards"?
The M Word Issue
Havok "steps in it" when in Uncanny Avengers #5 he requests to not be identified as a mutant and finds the 'm word' to be offensive.
DC Comics Hiring Orson Scott Card
OSC made inflammatory statements against the GLBT community and marriage equality, but DC Comics ignored this and hoped the controversy would just go away.
Whoever Banned Saga #12 from Showing Up In Comixology
Due to a couple panels with images of a guy giving a blowie and getting a facial. Whether it was Apple's confusing policies, Comixology being too cautious, or a little bit of both.
For Making a Gay Planet in Star Wars: The Old Republic You Have to Pay to Access
After the Family Research Council tried to boycott the game for allowing gay relationships, Bioware lost any HRC cred it got by making people "pay to gay".
Disney redesigns Brave’s Merida to make her more “princess-like".
Upon making Merida from Brave an official "princess", Disney did a redesign making her trimmer, sexier, and less "tom-boy-like".

Gone Over The Rainbow

They were fierce, they were fabulous, and their flames burned a little too bright. But who do you think has gone over the rainbow too soon? (Spoiler Alert: people died.)
You may have your "daddy issues" but this bisexual bad boy was drowned by his daddy (issues).
Alan Scott’s Lover-Sam
We only knew him for several panels before he was blown up, but Sam was special enough for Alan to propose to him (even if he never found out the answer).
Ray Gillette's Ability to Walk
Okay, so Ray is still alive, but this sexy 'stached mo, and Agent of ISIS is constantly losing the ability to walk. Which is seriously killing his game.
Wendy Peyser (Clea DuVall) from American Horror Story
This sapphic sister was Lana Winters secret girlfriend, and she met her bloody end by Bloody Face, while her true love lived to kill him and his/her child.
Renly Baratheon from Game of Thrones
As King, he had to keep his lover secret and hidden in the shadows. But he should have been keeping an eye on his enemy's shadow.
Hercules (X-treme X-Men)
He fought the damned in Tartarus for 4 years with his love Howlett, and he died fighting to save the universe so his love could live.
I, Zombie
This book about the living dead and other creatures of the night residing in Eugene, Oregon, met it's untimely end when sales dipped below the publisher's bottom line.

Flame ON! Hottest Character Redesigns: The MEN

Men in spandex? Leather? Flowing capes? They're not saving the world through fashion. They're saving the world and looking good while they're at it. Who looks best?
The headpiece is Racer X; The black leather is XXX. Simple modern style that's (wait for it) revolutionary.
One of the most overdue makeovers for a comics icon in years. The garish color goes; the metallic menace is amped up.
Chief (New 52 Ravagers)
Take one old mentor type, subtract a few decades and add the best elements of Tron, and you're gonna like the way you look.
Superman (Batman/Superman)
That almost impossible balance of iconography, functionality and awe-inspiring oomph is struck here. It's super.
Count Vertigo
Militant meets maniac. Pulling off a look that defies heroes and convention, and evokes an evil Iggy Pop? That's dizzying.
Noh-Varr (Young Avengers)
Being believable as a spurned alien Avengers who's into indie rock was his most harrowing mission of all. It looks good from the front AND the back. *wink*

Flame ON! Hottest Character Redesigns: The LADIES

"I want sexy but I don't want slutty. Part uniform but with a distinct personality. Iconic yet playful. Feminine and powerful and rubber and made of crystals. Make it work."
Ninjas are supposed to be invisible, but good luck not noticing this sophisticated, functional masterpiece. Bye thong. Hello style.
MO hawk, LESS problems. Zing! But for serious, no one real or fictional rocks this haircut this well, and the costume keeps it real, AND keeps it regal.
Fierce is such an overused term, but there's no other term to accurately capture this combo of exotic danger and feminine sexiness.
Captain Marvel
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and this is the costume comic artists everywhere seem to draw the most for fun. That's no coincidence. Her style got a promotion when she did.
oh oh OH it's MAGIC! You knoooow. Amethyst's new look is a total gem, and screams that we've got a stylish She-Ra for modern times.
The only thing cooler than ditching the goth while keeping the ominous feel? Knowing that raven wouldn't care WHAT you thought of her costume.