In this week's episode of the Geeks OUT Podcast, Kevin (@Gilligan_McJew) is joined by John Jennison (@drinkndrawbk) as they talk about the Thirteenth Doctor's new look on Doctor Who, imagine what it would be like for there to be a Fox in the Mouse House (Disney), and review GLAAD's report on representation on TV in This Week in Queer. ...continue »
Ah, the holiday season. A time to return to your family and fall back into your old habits and fight your old villains. The Runaways reunite, the JLA changes its leadership, and Gen X fights the St. Croix family. ...continue »
The transgender actor and self-described "horror nut" talks about playing the bad guy ...continue »
The title of the penultimate episode translates to "if you want peace, prepare for war," so let's review ★ SPOILERS ★ ...continue »
More on the MCU's Strong Female Characters (and, sadly, some strong bisexual erasure), plus a revival of the iconic The Twilight Zone. ...continue »
In this week's episode of the Geeks OUT Podcast, Kevin (@Gilligan_McJew) and Aaron Reese (@_theblkunicorn) just can't wait for her (Beyonce) to be queen in The Lion King remake, discuss the future of the DCEU, and celebrate the women of the MCU as our Strong Female Characters of the Week.  ...continue »
The creator of My Favorite Thing Is Monsters talks comics and queer content ...continue »
It's All Saints Day, which means that the walls between realms are thin! The Champions ride again, Charles Xavier is back from the dead, and Ivy and Haley resurrect their old costumes! SuperQueeros: all that's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer in comics today! ...continue »