Uncle Monty's Mollyhouse Presents: Slagtown Abbey!

Have YOU heard the good word about spanking, and how it can improve your life? The girls and boys of the Mollyhouse want to show you a thing or two!

Welcome back the days of Vaudeville, Music Hall, and penny farthings with wild abandon and a queer twist!

Featuring your Hosts...

Lewd Alfred Douglas and Anja Keister! (team Thomas and O'Brian)

Your Ladies of the Evening...

Iris Explosion!
Fancy Feast!

Your Gentlemen...

Matt Knife!
Lewd Alfred Douglas!
Suffra Gent!

...and more.

Dress Code: Victoria/Edwardia! Uncle Monty will treat you well if you are dressed properly! So break out those bustles, corsets, sock garters, waistcoats, and penny farthings for DISCOUNTED ENTRY!

RAFFLE PRIZES! We have special Saint Valentine gifts for the discerning cad about town and lady of leisure from...

Babeland - physician recommended apparatuses for a passionate world.

Claire Sanders Design - couture, clothing, costumes, corsets, and cravats - oh my!

Fine and Dandy Shop - accessories for dapper guys.

Fyodor Pavlov - purveyor of naughty pictures.

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