A Geeks OUT Event!

Let's have a geeky! (It's where we hang out and talk comics with talented creators.)

Join us at the Bureau of General Services - Queer Division (BGSQD - Located in Strange Loop Gallery) as we explore gender-bending in comics with four talented artists. Questions will be moderated by Geeks OUT and generated by fans. Refreshments wil be served!

Who's going to be there?

Lawrence Gullo is a chronodysphoric dandy, puppeteer, and comic artist, among other things. His first webcomic is the gag- and relationship-driven My Life in Blue, which follows the lives of a promiscuous and often androgynous bunch of art students, glam rockers, and heiresses. His second, Baritarian Boy, centers on the history of his mythical Eastern European homeland, Baritaria. 

Russian émigré and longtime New Yorker, Fyodor Pavlov's illustration brings new life to the past for contemporary audiences. Maintaining a strong portfolio focused on motifs of history and queer sexuality, his experience in the artistic community spans international and domestic commissions, comics, and polished personal works. Working primarily through the medium of watercolor and ink, the stylistic artistry of Pavlov's illustration places a distinct emphasis on detail when addressing subjects spanning from the Edwardian Era and Jazz Age to muses of our current day. 

Elvis Bakaitis is a Brooklyn-based zinester and future librarian. In 2012, they co-organized the NYC Feminist Zinefest with Kate Angell. This year, Elvis gave talks on queer history and/or zines at The New School, Rutgers University, the Hedrick-Martin Institute (home of Harvey Milk High School), Gotham Professional Arts Academy,  Kearny High School in New Jersey,  Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse in Baltimore. They also facilitate the monthly feminist bookclub atBluestockings Bookstore, and co-facilitate the Radical Librarians Reading Group. Currently, they are working on Homos in Herstory, a comics zine that focuses on 19th and 20th century queer history. You can find their zines at radical bookstores, and at their online Etsy shop, Captain Elvis’ Cartoon Shack.

Morgan Boecher, creator of What's Normal Anyway, a comic about being trans male, to expand transgender media and to reflect on his own transition from female to male. Growing up in Gainesville, Florida, he fumbled with femininity and questioned his sexuality without knowing that the issue could and would lead to a sex transition.  Morgan began making *What's Normal Anyway* to add to the collection of personal stories of the online trans community that helped him so much.




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