Geeks OUT: Peter in the Park-er. Read Comics Outside with Queers.

July 9, 2017
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Sheep Meadow, Central Park
65th Street
We'll meet at Sheep Meadow.
New York, NY 10023  

Join Geeks OUT for a day of indoor fun in an outdoor setting! All the benefits of spending a day inside with all the pleasures of instagramable experiences!

Your friends at Geeks OUT will be providing snacks, water, soda, sunscreen and frisbees (for the athletic types).

Bring any books you've been meaning to read, games you've been looking to play (mobile game systems included), drinks/snacks you want, or *radioactive spiders to release into the wild. We'll be hanging in the grass, enjoying fresh air, fun reads, , and Manhattan's recently relaxed policy on public drinking. We'll be meeting up in Central Park at Sheep Meadow.

The specific location will be posted here; on the day of the event.

*Live spiders are not encouraged