Geeks OUT - The Arena

Geeks OUT - The Arena

Many teams will enter. Only one will emerge victorious.

The Battle – assemble the mightiest team possible to dominate the competition and claim the title of Geeks Supereme!


The Weapon – your team’s collective knowledge of the realms of Hyrule, Sunnydale, Earth-2, the 616, Hogwarts, and beyond.


Caution – this ain’t your grandma’s team trivia. There will be twists and turns along the way to challenge your valor. Metaphoric blood will be spilt. Achievements will be unlocked. Friendships will be tested and new Alliances will be forged. Only enter the Arena if you are Worthy of the Challenge.


The Victorious Team will be heralded Gods among men and honored as such for all Eternity*! They will be worshipped and tributed with gifts as befitting their stature from the fine folks of Ye Olde Chicago Comics. There’s only one way to prove thy worth: show up to claim your Legacy!


*or , you know, until the next team trivia challenge. Then that team will be Victorious, Worthy, etc. etc.




5P – 6P: Teams Assemble! Part Hogwarts Sorting Hat Ceremony, part Tribute lottery, and all AWESOME, the methodology behind our Team selection process will assemble the perfect balance of team knowledge and acquaint you with new folks in our burgeoning community.


6P – 7:30P: The Battle Ensues!


7:30P – 9P: Drinking and awesomeness.



$5 donation to enter The Arena. All proceeds go towards towards the epic C2E2 party we’ll be throwing (that’s right, you read it here first: Geeks OUT will be having a C2E2 party!)


*Register by March 10th and receive an official digital player trading card & event badge PLUS special tokens that will earn you advantages during team selection and game play.







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