We here at TNT know all to well how hard it can be for some LGBT youth and around the holidays it can be even harder. We want to give back and have a little fun in the process! Each week we have been asking our Drink n Draw artist to donate their best sketches for what we hope will become our annual "Art Raffle"

How does it work? 
We will be hanging all the great works we have received and under each work will be an envelope with the name of the artist and the model that is illustrated.
Between 7pm and 9pm

 you can purchase raffle tickets for $1 each or 15 tickets for $10 and place them into the envelope of the image that they hope to win. Place them all in the envelope of one image or put one in a bunch of different images!!!

At 9pm we will take down the envelopes and start to draw the winners of each of the art works!
But wait there is more!!! Once all art works have been given away all of the left over tickets will be pooled into a one hat and we will have prizes that have been donated by local businesses that will be given away!

Hosted by cartoonist and illustrator John Jennison

Contributing artists:

Xer Gata
Dave McKenna
Dwayne Mendez
Charles Zambrano
Lily Feng
Nicole Pupillo
Corrina Mackoul
Herculano Fernandez
Tom Motley
Jorge Dieguez
Eduardo Natal
Adam Bohemond
Michael Deweese
Thom Marquee
Jonathan Dalin
Abby Rock
Rey Arzeno
James Protano
Elliot Lamb
Ken Wong
Jeffrey Chuang
Pil Milley
Vern Williams
Bill Roundy
Regan Josh
Tina Zimmer
John Jennison

At 10pm DJ BPRO will hit the decks to make you dance. 

performances by

Merrie Cherry
BPRO & Dan Paul
Jen Urban and the Box

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