Dare2Draw with Rebekah Isaacs at Society of Illustrators: Wed Nov. 28th‏

Dare2Draw: 11/28/2012

Rebekah Isaacs will be doing a presentation/demo on "Shooting and Using your own Photo Reference...

It's not ‘Cheating’!" She’ll share a brief breakdown of her general thumbnail>pencils>inks process.

Cover $15 includes Free Grab-bag provided by Forbidden Planet and the Joseph Koch Warehouse

($25+ value) while supplies last.

This month’s Dare2Draw Raffle Book: “The Art of Comic Book Inking”

by Gary Martin and Steve Rude

*New Dare2Draw Sketchbook Program...Stay tuned!

Featuring 90 minutes of dynamic figure drawing, with live-action models & props and our signature Dare2Draw “Quick Draw” Contests, with all art done on Blue Line Pro boards. The pro art is auctioned for artists-in-need.


*We’ll be giving away some awesome stuff provided by our Sponsors*












***Conveniently located near all trains---easy to get to***

* 2 Dynamic Action Models

* Good lighting and plenty of table space

* Special guest artists

* Low drink/snack prices

* Artist demos

* Networking with other artists and artist groups

* 15-Minute Quick Draw

* Contests and prizes

* Discounts from sponsors

* Art posted on The Big City Dare2Draw Website

* Portfolio reviews

* Free Wi-Fi

* Opportunity to promote your own work and websites

…and much, much more...

****Characters for The "Quick Draw" Contest will be revealed 24 hrs. before the D2D event on twitter: BigCityDnD

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/BigCityDnD


For more information, go to: www.bigcitydare2draw.com


See you soon!

-The Dare2Draw Team




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