The Assemblers! Earth's Mightiest Sketch Comedy Show

The citizens have spoken and The pH Comedy Theater’s mightiest comic book nerds have assembled together again to give the citizens of Chicago what they want – a super-satire of the comic book genre.

The pH Comedy Theater resurrects The Assemblers! Earth’s Mightiest Superhero Crossover Sketch Comedy Event. The Assemblers is a sketch comedy show that explores all aspects of the modern day superhero and his (ahem…or her!) universe. What type of insecurities, neuroses, and down right absurdities cause a person to dress like a freak and violently keep crime at bay? What happens in the often-unexplored corners of a comic book world? From Asgardian gay bars to supervillain auditions, this show will have everyone who’s ever had a hero laughing in their seats. Marvel as pH gives the comic book genre the dose of kryptonite it deserves.

The Assemblers is meant for mature audiences and will be performed every Friday at 9:30pm at the brand new pH Comedy Theater (1515 W. Berwyn) beginning February 1, 2013.

The Assemblers was created by Steve Hund and directed by Brett Mannes. Written and performed by members of the pH ensemble.

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