True Blood

This is no time to listen to "Burning Down the House." ...continue »
How True Blood failed the queer community, and why TV as a whole doesn't seem to be doing any better. ...continue »
This week, we do a list! Of problematic things that happened in this past episode. But still, it's a list! ...continue »
On this week's True Blood, we get tested, see a lawyer, and kidnap some teenagers. It's a roller coaster. ...continue »
In this week's episode, we have a party at Sookie's, learn about hindsight in the Civil War, and try to raise money for Ted Cruz. ...continue »
Deborah Ann Woll has been cast as Karen Page in the upcoming Daredevil mini-series. ...continue »
On this week's True Blood, we go to the 80s, stately Compton Manor, and Fangtasia, all within 55 minutes! It's as messy as it sounds, I promise. ...continue »
This week's True Blood digs itself into a very deep, highly problematic hole, and then just kind of sits there. ...continue »
True Blood is back for it's final season! Tonight, we recap "Jesus Gonna Be Here." SPOILERS AHEAD. ...continue »
Happy Halloween! And... that is the most exciting thing that happens in this post. It's the usual fifth Wednesday slump, which I guess means you have more cash for hurricane recovery! But if you do have some dollars on hand and an open comic book store nearby, there are a couple of books that probably won't (but technically might) have a homo in them......continue »