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It's 2014. So why are female characters still dropping like flies? ...continue »
On Tyler Posey, Sterek, Representation, and Queer Baiting. ...continue »
I dissect shirtless men. Not literally. ...continue »
Welcome to your weekly TW recap. This show is a gift. ...continue »
And gratuitous shiftlessness of attractive men ensues. Check it out. ...continue »
And here we finally are! Four days after we all watched the episode (well, those of us with season passes on iTunes who were quick enough to snatch it up when the download posted early [and the people who downloaded it from them]), we can finally talk about it!...continue »
It's the second-to-last episode and the final parent is falling into place: this episode is all about Blue Eyes falling into the Darach's clutches and Scott having to live with his choice of defecting from his own pack to the Alpha Pac(t)! Also, all your 'shipping dreams come true!!!! (ish.)...continue »
So the preview is basically entirely the contents of the last episode, which effectively means we're about to get a Part II. Woah! And do they ever jump right into the action! ...continue »
From the preview it looks like the eponymous girl may be Lyds! From the beginning scene it looks like it won't be Deputy Finally-Gets-A-Line (Graham)! And we get a Danny sighting right off the bat! Also, major mind-effs this episode as we prepare for the endgame of the season!...continue »