The Weekly Geek Roundup: Power Rangers, Community, My Crush on Ryan Hansen And More!

All the geek news you might've missed this week.

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Weekly Geek Roundup: The Sin City Sequel, Lena Dunham, Being Human and more

All the geek things you might've missed this week.

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Andrew Garfield Wouldn't Mind A Gay Spider-man

Speedy Comic Reviews from Jan 30, 2013

Hawkguy kicks Hurricane Sandy's ass, Doc Ock gets busy, and Robin makes me go "Awwwww..."

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President Obama is pretty down with the dorks.

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Spider-Dad Rules

Remember the geeky dad who built his son an AT-AT bunkbed? Child's play! Watch this video of a dad & tot at the trampoline park in matching Spider-Man suits and try not to dial up the adoption agency.

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Andrew Garfield Pees in His Spider-Man Suit

Andrew Garfield was on the Daily Show this week and shared some intimate photos with the audience. There was "Spider-Man Contemplates Craft Services Lunch", but my favorite was "Spider-Man Takes a Leak."

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