Scarlet Betch

Hey Betches! We're back this week doing a round up of great queers in comics. From Batwoman's mind-blowing pages courtesy of JH Williams, Wonder Woman's decidedly incongruent appearances in her solo title and Justice League, Astonishing X-men, MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC (OMG!!!!), and much much more....continue »
Hey Betches! This week we're talking about X-treme X-men's new betch, the current developments in Karma's mythology, the hotnesses that are Batwoman and Morning Glories, and much more!...continue »
In this issue of Scarlet Betch, Anthony and Jason talk about the end of iZombie, the future of Teen Titans, the endless victimization of Karma, and the politics of superhero boyfriends, also we get excited about Bunker/Vibe speculations (Viker? Bibe?). ...continue »