The Avengers: Infinity War We Deserve

Geeks Out Year In Review 2015

Our bloggers tell you all their favorite things from 2015.

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Character Study: Phil Coulson

A special look at the Avenger known as the Son of Coul.

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The Civil War Trailer Is Finally Here And It's Everything

Agent Carter Season 2 Preview!

Agent Carter comes back for season 2 in January and here's the first preview!

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Meet Jessica Jones A.K.A My Review of the First Two Episodes of Jessica Jones

My review/recap of the first two episodes of Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix.

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Top 14 Marvel Legacy Heroes

DC started the tradition, but which 14 Marvel heroes are carrying on their legacies in ways that further diversity? Find out!

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How Marvel's Editor-In-Chief Closeted Angela

And how Marvel continues to fail LGBTQ readers with a narrow definition of "diversity"

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Newsflash: Captain America Has Been A Social Progressive Since Always!

Sam Wilson (Captain America) takes on the Supreme Serpents and jumps into the immigration debate in issue one of "Sam Wilson #1" and conservatives assume the racist hate group is a thinly veiled reference to them. Drama and conservative tears flow freely.

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The First Full Jessica Jones Trailer Is Here And It's Fantastic

"Can you punch through a wall?"

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