Haven't heard of the CW Seed show Husbands starring written and executive produced by Bradley C. Bell? Well, this is the blogpost for you. ...continue »
Every once in a while I find the time to scour the internet for LGBTetc. comic book characters that have slipped under my radar and this week I turned up some gems! And by "gems" I mean both awesome queer characters AND erant comments like "I'm a LESBIAN, so I MUST have a sex-tape."...continue »
Dude, did you see the celebration of superqueeros over at Newsarama inspired by Shining Knight? I have a link after the jump if you didn't! And did you see that Husbands is in the style of the Archie comics this week?? And that Supurbia got an on-going series??? All that and seven other 'queero-inclusive titles after the jump!!!...continue »
Billy! Howlett! Husbands! And have you heard of Shining Knight? It's a whole lotta awesome this week in queer comics!...continue »
It's m'birthday! And it looks like the comics industry knew exactly what I wanted! HUSBANDS!!! (Plus a ton of other superqueeros!)...continue »