Things that Go “Yaaasss” in the Night: Cherry Falls

Sex in horror films is murder. Delicious, orgasmic murder.

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Monster Nation: 5 Horror Moms Worth Screaming for

This Mother’s Day, show Mom you scare

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Things that go “Yaaasss” in the Night: Night of the Creeps

LGBT representation in horror hasn’t always been great, but Night of The Creeps is damn near queer horror perfection.

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TFF2016: Holidays

Season’s creepings abound in this above average anthology

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Monster Nation Presents: Most Anticipated Horror TV of 2016!

A look at horror TV from American Horror Story to Bates Motel, plus a shout-out to creepy comics

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Monster Nation: The Forest

Natalie Dormer tries mightily, but this screamer is simply too lame to work

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Monster Nation at NYC Comic-Con 2015

Monster Nation took to NYC Comic-Con. Here's a look at some of the stuff we found. To see more of our comic-con experience, please visit us on Youtube and be sure to subscribe. A very special thanks to Geeks Out for all their help this year too!

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A Bloody Mouthful: The Walking Dead Season 6 Catchup - Ep 1-3

Monster Nation: Tales of Halloween review

Multiple directors offer a mixed trick or treat bag in this anthology

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The Final Girls Is Your New Favorite Horror Movie