TFF2015: Emelie

Don’t tell Mom the babysitter’s nuts

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TFF2015: Maggie

Arnie plays dad of the dead in this understated take on the zombie genre

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ShrieksOut: 81 Nightmares (Mark William Lindberg)

A Horrific and Beautiful Nightmare

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Monster Nation: Zombeavers director Jordan Rubin

Behind the scenes with the director of this weekend's horror comedy

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Monster Nation: Zombeavers

Spring into schlocky comedy with this amusing indie

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ShrieksOut: Trigger Warning (Neil Gaiman)

Warning: May Trigger Imaginative Flights of Fancy

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ShrieksOut: Revival (Stephen King)

Monster Nation: Underground Horrors

The Devil made ‘em do it in these underrated shockers

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ShrieksOut: Prince Lestat (Anne Rice)

ShrieksOut: The Vines (Christopher Rice)

Christopher Rice Returns With His Best Novel Yet

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