Monster Nation: Ouija

Keep telling yourself it’s just a lame cash-in

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HallowGeek: Boo York City

Things that go bump in the city that never sleeps

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The Fate of Horror

Recently, media consumers have begun (re-)asking themselves what responsibility content creators have in terms of depictions of fictional violence, specifically violence against women

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HallowGeek: Underground Horrors

Get more bang for your buck with these anthologies

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ShrieksOut: In The Light (S.P. Miskowski)

The Final Chapter In The Skillute Cycle

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Monster Nation: The Canal

Irishman Ivan Kavanagh’s chiller gets inside its protagonist’s—and our—head

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HallowGeek: Underground Horror

Tired of re-watching Elm Street or Texas Chainsaw? Check out these lesser known gems

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Monster Nation: Annabelle Review

Monster Nation: Cam2Cam

A glossy slasher you just can’t take seriously

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ShrieksOut: The Silkworm (Robert Galbraith/J.K. Rowling)