Long before sci-fi spectacles like Heroes or The Faculty, some Buffy-featured baby butch stole my heart. ...continue »
Why fly amidst the stars when you can take to the seas in a <i>Deep Submergence Vehicle</i>? Yeah, the next nerd love I have to share is none other than <i>seaQuest DSV’s</i> resident computer prodigy and teenage heart throb. So let’s, uh, <i>dive</i> right in. ...continue »
You guys, last week was special. I told you my crush, you squealed, and we hugged it out sleepover style. My wallflower days may be long behind me, but all this pent up twee teen tenderness has got to go somewhere. So, what do you say? Another round of “I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours”? ...continue »
Once upon a time I was a socially awkward teen (maybe you relate). My best friends were band geeks, my diary, and Jesus. On the occasion of this holiday of love, let's crack open my Lisa Frank confessional and review which popculture hero(ine)s made me drool. ...continue »