Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch Counts Fruit on Sesame Street

Benedict Cumberbatch makes an adorable appearance and Sherlock fans everywhere swoon

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Benedict Cumberbatch's Deleted Star Trek Shower Scene

Have you ever been sharing a shower with someone and you couldn't tell if they were a villain bent on the destruction of civilization or a misunderstood peacekeeper from the past? We've all been there. So this deleted scene of Benedict Cumberbatch having the most maniacal thoughts ever held while in a shower will come as no surprise to you.

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Who Wants to Play Doctor? Fun with Rumors and the Doctor Strange Movie

Unfold that casting couch! Marvel has confirmed a Doctor Strange movie will be a part of the studio’s Phase 3, alongside Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man. Let’s parse the rumor mill to pick which of Hollywood’s bearded beauties has what it takes to wear the sash of Earth-616’s SSILF.

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