By Celebrating Our Differences, We Embrace Our Potential

                Why do we think only our similarities offer us connection with each other? When will we learn that acceptance and celebration of our differences will teach us how to live harmoniously with one another? It will offer us the space and freedom to learn and grow from one another.

                I am reading the Alchemist Graphic Novel by Paolo Coelho. This is a beautifully crafted condensed version of the novel that inspires us to seek our personal legends. While it encourages us to seek our personal legends, it also calls us to trust in omens, to follow our beginners luck to the end where we will find enlightenment, peace, and the reason for our existence. Don’t you realize that many of the sign posts to recognizing and following our personal legends depend on human interaction? When we close our minds to people who think and feel differently than we do, we lose the chance to take our next step to becoming who we were created to be.

                The soul of the world reminds us that we are one. It reminds us that if we open out minds, let go of all of our judgments, and predispositions, we can truly be welcomed and welcome others into the space that is self actualization. This space encourages us to seek our true potential. This space reminds us that we were indeed created to be and to do something worthwhile to benefit humankind. We continue to encourage harmony, empathy, a deeper sense of self, and our responsibility to each other as well as ourselves. The Alchemist reminds us that when we trust the longing deep in our souls to follow our personal journey, we are following God’s, Allah’s, the Ultimate Being’s will for us. The soul of the World, God, Allah, etc. is the one who embeds this desire deep within us at birth.

                May we follow the omens given to us, may we refuse to believe the lie “That at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate.” We all have a desire to do or be something. This desire comes from the Soul of the World in whatever form you call this Being. Embrace it, own it, live it, be it. We are the future. We are the ones who propel the myth of our existence here on Earth. You can choose to accept your personal legend, and by doing so, invite others to do the same. Or, you can remain stagnate, close minded, and suffocate in your monotony and wish everyday for a better life. No matter what, you always have a choice. You are never alone. Maktub – Muslim for “It is Written. Amen – Christian for “So let it be”

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on December 27, 2015

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