Arrow Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Keep Your Enemies Closer


After a routine takedown of Starling City baddies, Argus, headed by Amanda Waller, kidnaps John Diggle and convinces him to head to Moscow to rescue Lyla, who was there to track down Diggle’s arch nemesis, Deadshot. (Deadshot killed Diggle’s brother years ago.) Diggle tells Oliver and Felicity that he and Lyla met in Afghanistan and got married, but didn’t know how to be married without a war to fight. She signed on with Argue and Diggle did a third tour. He sks Oliver for some time off, but Oliver insists on accompanying him to Russia. He says that it’s time to visit Queen Consolidated’s holdings there. He, Diggle, and Felicity are on the tarmac when Isabel Rochev shows up and insists she go with them.

Cell Block Tango

Oliver reconnects with old friend Anatoly Knyazav, who was held in the cell next to Oliver on the Amazo. He tells Oliver that the gulag in Russia is worse than the cells they’re in. And wouldn’t you know it – Lyla is being held in that very Russian prison. To get in, Diggle somehow gets himself arrested. Not sure how. He was simply sitting outside, minding his own business, holding a bag filled with drugs. Maybe Oliver made an anonymous phone call? Diggle is arrested, and his belongings – including a coat rigged with something that would help create a distraction at a certain point in time, is taken from him. Diggle is put in a cell with an inmate who makes clear that people in the gulag are racist and hate black people. In the gulag’s cafeteria, while eating some white sludge, Diggle is attacked. Because he defended himself, he’s thrown into cold storage. Only after the prison guard leaves does Diggle realize that Deadshot is handcuffed inside the cold storage as well.

To the Rescue

One of Knyazev’s men is inside the gulag, and he rescues Diggle. They’re en route to Lyla’s cell when Deadshot kills the guard with an icicle. Deadshot says that Diggle isn’t stupid enough to get arrested without an exit strategy. With the guard dead, Deadshot is the only one who can get Diggle to Lyla’s cell. They do just that, rescue Lyla, and get out – thanks to the explosive device in Diggle’s jacket going off as planned. Oliver, Felicity, and Knyazev, driving a getaway prison van, rescue the three escapees and they’re miles away from the gulag when Diggle tells them to stop the car and orders Deadshot to get out. Diggle tries to kill Deadshot – he holds up a gun and everything – but he just can’t do it. Deadshot tells him that the problem with being an honorable man is you can’t turn it off. Before heading off into the Russian night, he tells Diggle that his brother was his mark and not just collateral damage as Diggle has always believed. Deadshot tells Diggle that he was hired by H.I.V.E. to kill his brother.


Oliver Gets Lucky

Sorry Olicity fans. Oliver gets all horizontal this week with Isabel, after the pair down some shots and trade sob stories about being lonely. After, Oliver tells Isabel that he has to go and she delivers my favorite line of the week, asking him if she looks like she needs to cuddle after. Felicity shows up, because of course she shows up, and tells Oliver that it’s time for them to go. She tries to pull off ye olde “what happens in Russia stays in Russia,” but she can’t because she’s way into Oliver. He lets on a little that he knows by telling Felicity that his double life makes getting involved with someone he could actually care about difficult. She tells him that he could at least do better than his business partner. Isabel isn’t a fan of Felicity either. She assumes that Oliver is banging Felicity and that’s how she ended up his PA. Would love to see Felicity knock Isabel down a few pegs. Maybe next week.

On the Amazo

Our flashbacks this week pick up where they left off last week. Oliver is surprised to see Sara alive, and she is similarly to see him. Professor Ivo interrogates Oliver, who says his name is Tommy. Ivo wants to know if Oliver had seen a Japanese sub, and he explains that the sub was part of Japan’s strategy during World War II. Japan had developed a super serum and all of supply was on the sub and now on the island. Sara, later, makes it clear that Oliver can’t let on that they know each other. She comes to him at night and lets him out so he can contact his friends on the island. Slade is badly burned, and Shado is tending to him (and getting cozy with him to, you know, help raise his body temperature). Shado responds to Oliver’s radio call, and then Sara unplugs it. Professor Ivo and one of the pirates on the ship walk in. Sara was working Oliver all along. She and her new father figure wanted to know how many people were working with Oliver. Now they know – two. Professor Ivo tells Oliver that it’s time for him to go back to the island.

Because We’d Forget Them Otherwise

Roy Harper, Thea, Moira Queen, and Officer Lance get their few minutes of screentime. Harper clued the Oliver into the goings on at the start of the episode. Officer Lance caught Harper beating on a bad guy and arrests him. At the precinct, Harper tells Lance that they’re playing for the same team, you know, team arrow. Lance lets Harper go, but then Thea shows up to bail out her boyfriend. Later, at Club Verdant, Moira’s attorney tells Thea that she has to dump Roy or risk prejudicing a jury against her mother. Thea does just that, telling Roy that living and working together is too much for her. Even later, Thea drops in on her mother, only to find Roy and Moira getting all buddy-buddy. Moira tells Thea that she wants her to be happy and nothing she does is going to impact her case. Laurel is MIA this week. Maybe she was enjoying a drug- and alcohol-fueled bender, or maybe she was just busy strategizing with the DA in advance of Moira’s trial.

on November 20, 2013