Arrow Season 2 Episode 5: League of Assassins

Sara Goes Down And Then Some

We revisit the sinking of the Queen’s Gambit, which we’ve seen several times before, except this time we get to experience it from Sara Lance’s point of view. She’s let Oliver whine and dine her but before much else can happen, the ship starts sinking and she’s gasping for breath and trying not to drown. Of course she’s in lingerie, because what better to almost die in. She sees the Amazo in the distance, and thinks it and her crew will be her salvation, but quickly learns that it is anything but. The pirates who rescue her plan to torture her, or worse, and Sara, in her lingerie still, is as un-Canary like and she can be – and then Professor Ivo comes in, tells the pirates to stop, and ushers Sara away and into her new life as one of his acolytes. After some undetermined amount of time (actually, the number of days Oliver spent on the island before being captured by the pirates of the Amazon), Sara has gotten out of her lingerie and become a hard ass, because when Oliver sees her and is surprised that she survived the ship’s sinking, she kicks him and tells him that prisoners don’t get to speak.

The League of Assassins

A couple of weeks ago, Sara dispatched a member of the League with a warning – she wasn’t going to return. This week, things get a bit more serious, as several members of the League, including Al-Owal, show up to capture her. He breaks into the Queen mansion, where Sara is hiding out, but she and Oliver overtake him. Before getting him to talk, he throws a knife at a chandelier and disappears. Oliver is pissed that the guy broke into his home, so takes Sara into his Arrow-cave, introduces her to Diggle and Felicity, and asks them to get their research on – but Sara stops them. She knows who the guy was, and knows that he belongs to the League of Assassins, just like she does. She isn’t going back and the only way out is death. Felicity does what Felicity does and tracks down the League, which is hiding out in an abandoned warehouse. Arrow and Canary go the factory, engage the members of the League hiding out there, and are almost taken down before staging their own escape through a skylight – but not before Al-Owal threatens Sara’s family.

Coming Clean with Daddy

Convinced that her father and sister will never look at her the same way they once did after learning that she’s killed to stay alive, (because that’s worse than stealing Oliver from Laurel and pretending to still be dead) she begs Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle to keep her secret. They agree, but decide to warn the Lances that they’re in danger. Felicity tells Officer Lance to get out of town, but he refuses, and Oliver takes Laurel out to dinner. Oliver walks Laurel to her front door, but before either realize that it is slightly ajar, she goes in for a kiss, which Oliver politely rebuffs. Way to continue your downward spiral, Laurel, especially given the role you’re playing in Moira Queen’s trial – but we’ll get there. They see the open door, Oliver investigates, and finds a knife. He realizes that Lance must be the target. Felicity tells the Scoobies that she failed to convince Lance to leave town, so Sara decides to reveal herself to her father. Lance is overwhelmed and they go get something to eat – because that’s what I would do if I thought assassins were targeting someone I care about.

So Long, the Watchtower

Sara then takes him to her watchtower, where she, off-camera, set up some traps in case the League showed up – because they know where she lives. And show up they do, though she and Oliver, in a choreographed fight that seems to go on far too long, take down the assassins. Sara kills one in front of daddy dearest, who says that he’s proud of her for doing what she needs to do to survive. Sara decides that maybe living in Starling City isn’t the best idea, so she leaves, but only after convincing Lance not to tell Laurel that her sister is alive. Sara in the here and now may be gone – at least for a while – but expect to get plenty of her in flashback. We still don’t know how she went from victim to assassin, or the role she played, if any, in Oliver becoming Arrow. We know, however, that she selected the name Canary during her assassin training, since becoming a member of the League means reinventing yourself.

Iron Heights or Bust

Moira Queen, still in Iron Heights, must decide between taking a plea deal that lands her a lifetime in jail or put her fate in the hands of a jury, which could decide that her actions during the whole destroy-the-Glades plot warrants the death penalty. The only reason the DA is offering the plea is because Laurel, who will second-chair during the trial, convinced him to do it. Oliver is pissed that his ex-girlfriend can be party to his mother’s potential undoing, but Laurel tells him that she’s just doing her job. Moira decides to accept the plea, because she’s afraid of what Oliver and Thea will think of her if certain things about her and her past come out during a trial. Oliver, after seeing firsthand how secrets don’t have to be the end of familial relations, tells Moira that she raised him and Thea to be better than that, and no matter what happens, that they will always love her. She decides to reject the plea, meaning this boring subplot continues, at least for another week. 

on November 12, 2013