Superheroes of the Women's March on Washington

Less than 24 hours into the New World Order, geeks across the globe joined the multitudes taking to the streets and proving the power of protesting. I was one of them. As part of the March madness in Washington, DC, I walked alongside real life superheroes: unmasking their reasons for joining the resistance and pondering which pop culture icons might save America from the next four years.

Nyota Uhura

Image: Memory Alpha

Image: V. Acklin

Name: Nick  
Home: New York  
Marcing For: My moms, both of them  
The sign says it all. With a background in communications (making her an ideal candidate to combat "alternative facts") and a name derived from the Swahili word for "freedom," a promoted Captain Uhura might just be able to chart a course back to sanity and make the new administration understand that equality needs to be a key part of our country's Prime Directive.

The Rat Queens

Image: Roc Upchurch

Image: V. Acklin

Name: Kelly  
Home: Oregon  
Marching For: All women who love comics

What does our country need to overcome struggle and find commonality among disparate factions? Four diverse female mercenaries with bad attitudes, serious quest-completing experience, and an affinity for kicking ass! Sure, they often drive each other crazy, but there’s nothing these queens can’t do. Including breath new life into a dying democracy.

Steven Universe


Translation: "Not Me, Us"
Image: V. Acklin

Name: Adam  
Home: Washington, D.C.  
Marching For: My two grandmothers, whose Medicare is in question; a friend who lost a home in the financial crisis; and myself, to have the ability to marry whomever I choose

Imagine if the leader of the free world respected and learned from the women around him, in order to harness our country's collective energy and save the planet from the evil forces that threaten it. He'd be just like Steven. That would be awesome.

The Lumberjanes

Image: Brooke Allen

Image: Cherie A. Coley

Name: Casey and Jen  
Location: Pennsylvania  
Marching For: Queer equality

The campers of Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet's Camp for Hardcore Lady-Types are truly Stronger Together—using their differences to win battles against magical creatures and earn merit badges. And that's just during summer vacation. Just think what they could accomplish in four years!

Ms. Marvel

Image: Joelle Jones (Marvel)

Image: Cherie A. Coley

Name: L.C.  
Home: Vermont  
Marching For: The transgender community  
The near future might seem a bit less daunting with shapeshifting Muslim-American teen Kamala Kahn on the job. Since accepting the mantle of Ms. Marvel, she's grappled with her religion, her role within her family, and the realization that it's not a simple hero vs. villain world. Coming from her, the message the we're all a mix of identities, philosophies, and orientations would be heard loud and clear.

Wonder Woman

Image: Cherie A. Coley

Image: Cherie A. Coley

Name: Dee  
Home: Baltimore  
Marching For: Everyone

The original Nasty Woman, Wonder Woman would be the perfect foil to the Orange Menace. Unbelievably strong, dedicated to justice, and able to build bridges between civilizations, she might be the only hope for establishing bipartisanship among elected officials. And it’s tough not to fantasize about the Lasso of Truth being put to good use in the White House.

Valerie Smith (Josie and the Pussycats)

Image: Hanna-Barbera Productions

Image: Cherie A. Coley

Name: Eugene  
Home: New York  
Marching For: A Safe and Progressive Future

Okay, she may not have a ton of experience when it comes to politics, but in addition to being the brains of the band, Valerie plays a mean tambourine (at least in the cartoon version). She could easily craft catchy pop songs with the power to subtly sway impressionable politicians towards responsible policies. And, let's face it, the headband she wears on stage could double as pussyhat.

Hermione Granger

Image: Mary GrandPré

Image: V. Acklin

Name: Hannah  
Home: Massachusetts  
Marching For: Equality for all magical and non-magical species

The smartest witch of her time, Hermione's mix of brains and bravery have never been needed more. After all, she's already helped defeat a dumb troll once. There's no reason to think she can't do it again.