Four Teen Romances for the Fourteenth of February

Navigating new relationships is tough at any age, but figuring it out for the first time, as a teen, can be particularly challenging…and fun to read about. Which is why teen romances are my guilty comic book pleasure. So, in honor of Valentine's Day, here are four of my favorite queer teen couples, from some of my favorite up-and-coming comic book love stories.

Justine & Malie

School Spirit (Rosy Press / Emet Comics)

As their high school's queerest couple, Justine and Malie only have eyes for each other. But with disapproving parents looking down on them all the time, they fake competing crushes on high school quarterback, Mitch, to avoid detection. It just might be a game-winning strategy, but Mitch's own secrets might have everyone crying foul.

Daisy & Ingrid

Giant Days (Boom! Box)

College isn't always all it's cracked up to be. Especially if you're a shy, homeschooled, naïve virgin. Despite her limited life lessons, Daisy still manages to forge friendships, ace exams, and discover dating with the worldly Ingrid. Yet, with so much yet to learn, Daisy wonder if Ingrid is the right one to tutor her in the language of love or if she should double major in girls and boys?

Beckett & Bailey

The Backstagers (Boom! Box)

Stage crewmember Beckett knows that one way to avoid the spotlight is to control it. Literally. As a trans teen and transfer student (from the all girls school across town), he figures that the light and sound booth above the auditorium is the perfect place to simultaneously help others shine and stay out of sight. A change of script may become necessary when his former classmate and crush, Bailey Brentwood, joins the play's cast as lead actress. Will he risk everything for a happy ending with her?

Raven & Sunshine

Princeless: Raven, the Pirate Princess (Action Lab)

As both a pirate and a princess, Raven should have an easy time finding treasure. Unfortunately, when it comes to her all-girl crew, figuring out who has a heart of gold isn’t so simple. Sunshine, who kisses first and asks questions later, seems a suitable first (soul)mate for this young adult swashbuckler, but there are stormy seas ahead and, even though she feels ready for a grown-up romance, Raven may not be able to stay the course.

Valerie Acklin's picture
on February 14, 2017