Twelve Days of Hogwarts

J.K. Rowling sure is busy nowadays. She is writing the plot to a new movie, as well as constantly updating her Harry Potter site, Pottermore is a site that allows users to interact within the wizarding world, and follow the adventure that Harry and his friends went on (with much added information). Users get sorted into houses, receive their own wand, and can even duel to win points for their house (Go Ravenclaws!).

This past holiday season, Rowling decided to have a little fun and include some added information each day, the twelve days leading up until Christmas. They required riddles to be solved, in order to retrieve the information. The site can be a little difficult to navigate sometimes, so here are some of the great things that were revealed during the twelve days.

  1. The first day revealed some new information about Cokesworth, a mysterious town that Lily Potter (née Evans), and Severus Snape grew up in.

  2. The second day revealed information on Florean Fortescue, an Ice-cream parlor owner in Diagon Alley, whom she regretted killing off, because she felt like his character wasn’t necessary (since there were other characters that did the job she wanted him to do, much better).

  3. The third day revealed some information on potions, and why Muggles can not create them; as well as her inspiration for some of the potions and it being Snape’s subject.

  4. The fourth day revealed an eerie scene of Katie Bell being possessed by the opal necklace.

  5. The fifth day revealed a visual of when Dumbledore first saw Tom Riddle (the boy who would later grow up to be lord Voldemort).

  6. The sixth day Rowling gave some insight into a subjectless vampire professor at hogwarts, that she had eventually cut from the final staff list (and explains why only one vampire was ever introduced in the books).

  7. The seventh day reveals a visual on Apparating and Splinching

  8. The eighth day shows a visual of how Tom Riddle acquired Slytherin’s locket (which was later used to become one of his Horcruxes).

  9. Day nine brings you to the Room of Requirement where you learn about some various objects being kept within it’s walls.

  10. On day ten, players learn about the Inferi, a type of undead creature that is being manipulated through the dark arts.

  11. The eleventh day has a large reveal for harry potter fans, where Rowling describes some of the psychology and history of Draco Malfoy.

  12. And finally, the twelfth day explains Dumbledore’s Order of Merlin title.

Make sure to still check them out in full detail on Pottermore in The Half-Blood Prince section of the site!

on January 8, 2015