The first lesbian in Star Wars

Star Wars is a large and diverse franchise. In 2003 an RPG called Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, was released. It was the first of two RPGs in the franchise. The game won various awards and received critical acclaim. The storyline focus on the player character, Revan (canonically male, but can be male or female), as they go through life as a Jedi Padawan, meeting various characters and going on various quests with them, and eventually graduating into becoming a Jedi, and having to choose between the light and the dark sides of the force. Throughout the game there are multiple player characters gained, including one named Juhani, a female Cathar that is saved by the player and later turned signs up with the Jedi Council to become a Jedi.



Throughout the game, the player is able to make romantic connections with a few of main characters (depending on the gender of the character). Revan’s canon relationship is with Bastila (as a male), however, as a female Revan can pursue two non-canon romances. One with Carth Onasi, and the other with Juhani. At some point Juhani has a run with the dark side before Revan turns her back to the light. And near the end of the game, Revan must choose whether she wishes to pursue the light-side of the force or the dark-side of it. If she chooses the light-side (and is female), she can pursue a friendship with Juhani, which eventually causes Juhani to fall in love with her. At the end of the game, Juhani will admit to her feels, and reveal herself as a lesbian (though not explicitly stating she is one). With this proclamation, Juhani became the first lesbian ever revealed in the Star Wars universe.

on November 13, 2014